Every so often, someone asks me if I ever hear any responses to my literature? Occasionally someone will write back and say they are not interested. However, there are many reports that come back to me of the positive impact of my literature ministry on lives. Here are some of the testimonials as to how my literature ministry is being used.

  1. One pastor is using these pamphlets in their church's Bible Institute as required reading.
  2. One pastor is using them in his outreach ministry.
  3. One pastor is using them to help open discussion with several individuals of another religion.
  4. One pastor stated that he uses the pamphlets as home work assignments in his counseling.
  5. One pastor views these articles as a quarterly theological journal that can be redistributed.
  6. Several pastors have used them in their Sunday School classes as lessons.
  7. Several pastors indicated they have added to the pamphlets and used them in their preaching.
  8. One missionary is using them in his Seminary to train national pastors.
  9. One missionary has translated a few of them and shared them with his people.
  10. One missionary is using them in his Sunday School.
  11. One missionary stated he used the counseling pamphlets with his people on the field.
  12. One missionary places these pamphlets on his missionary table when speaking at a church.
  13. One individual is using them at a county fair in his gospel outreach booth.
  14. One individual is using them in his family devotions.
  15. One individual told me she uses the pamphlets in her personal devotions.
  16. One individual is sending them to her son, who is using them in his Sunday School class.
  17. One individual is using these pamphlets among his unsaved friends as a discussion tool.
  18. One individual is using them in a Ladies' Bible study in her home.
  19. One individual has shared a few of these items with his business associates.
  20. One individual is using them in her home schooling session for Bible class.
  21. One individual shares these with her friends in the neighborhood.
  22. One individual asked me to write a pamphlet with his personal testimony.
  23. One individual had me address a religion from which he was saved in a pamphlet.
  24. One individual is sending many of the pamphlets back to a missionary church in Malaysia
  25. One student is using these items in his papers at college and stated they were a great help.
  26. One editor stated he is trying to find a way to include some of these items in his magazine.
  27. One woman's ministry is using these pamphlets to help needy women.
  28. One Christian school teacher uses them in his Bible class in the Christian school.
  29. One Christian school administrator shares them with his teachers in a monthly newsletter.
  30. One church ordered a large quantity for an Easter outreach ministry.
  31. One church is using one of the booklets with their new member's class.
  32. One church ordered many topics for his literature rack.
  33. One church used a pamphlet to support his evening message concerning the Da Vinci Code.
  34. One church used a pamphlet on fasting to prepare the church for a revival service.
  35. One Bible College used a piece of literature in a ministry course as supplemental information.