In 1976, I was burdened to write literature for God's people, however, I knew I needed more training in the Bible and more experience in the Christian life. I went to Bible College in August of 1976.

In 1978 I wrote a Sunday School Teacher Training course for our church's Sunday School Department. In 1979, while in Bible College, I was asked to write articles for our School's newspaper.

In 1983, I was encouraged to start a writing ministry to help the people in our Church. I started "Beyond the Pulpit Christian Literature Ministry" to help others learn more about God's Word. It started with bulletin inserts. It progressed into one page handouts each week. I then was encouraged to develop a booklet on the basics of the Christian life and how to help others when they have problems in their Christian life.

In 1986, several pastors and Church people encouraged me in the writing ministry. It was through their encouragement that the Lord burdened me to expand the writing ministry on key subjects so that I could help pastors, missionaries, teachers, and individual Christians world-wide with literature. Through this encouragement, literature was developed to supplement, not replace the pulpit ministry of the local church.

In 1991, the Lord opened two great opportunities for the literature ministry. A local Christian school wanted me to write weekly articles for the teachers and staff on key subjects. Then the opportunity opened up for me to send literature to around 125 pastors and individuals around the state of Iowa. The focus of this literature has always been on building-up, counseling, outreach, education, apologetics, training, and evangelism, however, these two opportunities allowed me to organize and develop the ministry in a greater degree. I found out that through this ministry many pieces of literature went around the world and into places no one would every have guessed. I had heard back from a personal testimony how one of my pamphlets on "witchcraft" made it into a witch's coven three states away. One pamphlet on "Homosexuality" made it to a "Gay Pride Fest." One pamphlet on "abortion" found its way into a local "woman's center."

In 1996, I was able to start changing the format of previous pieces of literature and placing them into pamphlet and book form. Over the next few years, I went back and revised many pieces of literature already produced. I also expanded many of the sermons I preached and lessons I taught, making them into pamphlet form.

In 2000, I started to keep track of the ways the literature was being used as I received telephone calls and letters of encouragement.

In 2005, my local church started using many of my pamphlets and booklets in the ministry, which allowed for the literature to help more and more of God's people.

In 2006, we were able to finally develop a web site and truly make the ministry a world-wide entity.

I have had a wide variety of experiences, I have been a pastor, and I have been trained in Bible, theology, and counseling, which allows me to address various topics in a manner that I hope is Bible centered, accurate, simple, helpful, evangelistic and direct.