Every so often, someone asks me if I ever hear any responses to my literature? Occasionally someone will write back and say they are not interested. However, there are many reports that come back to me of the positive impact of my literature ministry on lives. Here are some of the testimonials as to how my literature ministry is being used.

  1. One pastor is using these pamphlets in their church's Bible Institute as required reading.
  2. One pastor is using them in his outreach ministry.
  3. One pastor is using them to help open discussion with several individuals of another religion.
  4. One pastor stated that he uses the pamphlets as home work assignments in his counseling.
  5. One pastor views these articles as a quarterly theological journal that can be redistributed.
  6. Several pastors have used them in their Sunday School classes as lessons.
  7. Several pastors indicated they have added to the pamphlets and used them in their preaching.
  8. One missionary is using them in his Seminary to train national pastors.
  9. One missionary has translated a few of them and shared them with his people.
  10. One missionary is using them in his Sunday School.
  11. One missionary stated he used the counseling pamphlets with his people on the field.
  12. One missionary places these pamphlets on his missionary table when speaking at a church.
  13. One individual is using them at a county fair in his gospel outreach booth.
  14. One individual is using them in his family devotions.
  15. One individual told me she uses the pamphlets in her personal devotions.
  16. One individual is sending them to her son, who is using them in his Sunday School class.
  17. One individual is using these pamphlets among his unsaved friends as a discussion tool.
  18. One individual is using them in a Ladies' Bible study in her home.
  19. One individual has shared a few of these items with his business associates.
  20. One individual is using them in her home schooling session for Bible class.
  21. One individual shares these with her friends in the neighborhood.
  22. One individual asked me to write a pamphlet with his personal testimony.
  23. One individual had me address a religion from which he was saved in a pamphlet.
  24. One individual is sending many of the pamphlets back to a missionary church in Malaysia
  25. One student is using these items in his papers at college and stated they were a great help.
  26. One editor stated he is trying to find a way to include some of these items in his magazine.
  27. One woman's ministry is using these pamphlets to help needy women.
  28. One Christian school teacher uses them in his Bible class in the Christian school.
  29. One Christian school administrator shares them with his teachers in a monthly newsletter.
  30. One church ordered a large quantity for an Easter outreach ministry.
  31. One church is using one of the booklets with their new member's class.
  32. One church ordered many topics for his literature rack.
  33. One church used a pamphlet to support his evening message concerning the Da Vinci Code.
  34. One church used a pamphlet on fasting to prepare the church for a revival service.
  35. One Bible College used a piece of literature in a ministry course as supplemental information.

You as an individual can host a special night if: 1. you have room for 6-12 people around a 32" or larger TV with lap top connections, or 2. you have room for 25 or more people where I can set up my projector and 48" screen! Contact me through the "contact" button on the left side.

As a church or pastor, I can do a service with any of the topics below, or any topic you choose. You can contact me through the "contact" button on the left side.

Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar

(last given at Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI)

Open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation which covers the following:

  • 1. famous quotes about the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 2. the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 3. the mysterious history of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 4. the unresolved questions of the Dead Sea Scroll
  • 5. the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 6. the misuse of the Dead Sea Scrolls


Islam Seminar

(last given at Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI)

Open schedule for a fast paced PowerPoint presentation which covers any one of the following:

  • 1. 26 separate lessons on Islam (1hr presentations each)
  • 2. what is happening in Islam today (2hr presentation)
  • 3. Muslim Myths
  • 4. Islam and Women
  • 5. The Qur'an Versus the Bible
  • 6. Allah Versus Yahweh
  • 7. Muhammad Versus Jesus
  • 8. End times and Islam
  • 9. the History of Islam
  • 10. Salvation by the Scales Versus Salvation by the Substitutionary Sacrifice of Christ
  • 11. How to Witness to A Muslim
  • 12. Is Islam A Religion of Peace?


What About 2010, Is It The End? Seminar

(last given in New Berlin, WI)

Open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation which covers some of the theories that are affecting politics and religion today


Armageddon and Israel's Future

(last given in New Berlin, WI)

open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation


Petra and Israel's Future

(last given in New Berlin, WI)

open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation



(last given at Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI)

open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation



(last given at Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI)

open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation


The Star of Christmas (Star of Christ's Birth)

(last given at Brookside Baptist Church, Brookfield, WI)

open schedule for this one hour fast paced PowerPoint presentation

I was born into a Roman Catholic family. Our family thought we were religious because we went to mass every Sunday, followed the sacraments, and observed the holy days of the Roman Catholic Church. From the first grade to the sixth grade I went to Catholic school. My grandparents were Roman Catholic. Almost all of our neighbors were Roman Catholic.

When I was 8 years old, my mother contracted cancer, which not only caused her great pain, but also put a strain on our family. I started to question what life was all about and wondered about the Roman Catholic Church. When I was 12 years old, our family moved from the city of Milwaukee to a small farming community about thirty miles to the west. Besides my mother's cancer, this move also changed our family in many ways. One of the most serious ways it changed was my father was away from home more often and when he was home his excessive drinking made him abusive. When I was 14 years old my mother filed for a divorce. Within a few months my father and mother reconciled. Part of the reconciliation agreement was for my father to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, my mother to attend AA, and for me to attend teen AA. None of these programs worked in our case and our Roman Catholic beliefs caused more questions than answers.

Between the ages of 12 and 16, life at home was very unsettling. I thought of running away many times and even thought about suicide. I had always hoped that my infant baptism, my indulgences, and my good works would be enough to get me into heaven. However, these things brought no peace and no resolution to my situation. Since as early as I could remember, I had questions about some of the practices of the Roman Catholic Church, however, I found no answers that made good sense. Between the ages of 14 and 17, I talked to a lot of people about some of the unsettling issues of life, however, I did not find anyone with a real handle on life.

While in high school, I met a girl who became really serious about me. After graduating from high school she wanted to know if I would marry her. At the time I was afraid of marriage because I saw my mother's and father's marriage decay into something hateful. Her home situation was not much different than mine. She kept trying to convince me that we could make a difference in our relationship. Her mother needed open heart surgery on December 1, 1974. Her brothers came to Milwaukee from Colorado and California for the surgery. One of her brothers was a Baptist pastor who had been praying that he could talk to us about things of the Lord. That evening of the open heart surgery, after nothing more could be done, my girl friend, her brother and myself went back to my girl friend's house. Her brother sat down with us and shared God's Word. He asked if I had any questions about life. I was so excited because I had many questions and I found no one who had real answers. He answered them all from God's Word. He shared the Romans Road with me, (Romans 3:10-12,23; 5:6,8,12; 10:9-10,13). Then, our time was cut off because other members of the family came home and it was getting very late.

I went home and while in bed I reviewed in my mind all the things that were shared with me from God's Word. I remember I had tears in my eyes and my heart was convicted about my spiritual condition, I told Jesus that I knew I was a sinner and needed Him for my salvation. I trusted Christ as my Savior that night, December 2, 1974 and experienced a change in my spiritual condition. From that point in time I have been burdened for those who do not know Christ as Savior.

In March of 1975, I was baptized by immersion. In February of 1976 I was married. In August of 1976, we attended a Bible college. In 1978, I was called to the ministry at a revival meeting with Dr. Carl Elgina. I graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College with two bachelor's degrees majoring in both Bible and Theology, a B.A. in 1980, and a Th.B. in 1981. I also graduated from Denver Baptist Theological Seminary with two master's degrees majoring in pastoral and counseling ministries, a M.A. in 1984 and a M.Div. in 1986. I then graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary with a doctor's degree majoring in pastoral and counseling ministries with a D.Min. in 1995.

I was licensed for the gospel ministry in 1983 and ordained to the ministry in 1986. I have been an itinerant preacher in various churches since 1978. While attending both college and seminary, I preached in pulpits on every weekend representing these institutions. I have been a pastor for 15 years. I was a senior Pastor in two churches after graduating from college and seminary, one in Colorado and one in Iowa. I was also an associate pastor in Wisconsin. I have been an interim pastor in Iowa and in Wisconsin.

I taught a few courses at Denver Baptist Bible College, Denver Colorado and a few classes at Northland Baptist Bible College. I have conducted seminars on various subjects in Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New York. I have worked with several nursing homes comforting those in need in Colorado, Iowa, and Wisconsin. I was a chaplain with Adams County Sheriff's Department in Denver, Colorado serving in the peer support and victim advocacy programs. I have counseled Christians on various issues and have helped to build-up new Christians in the Lord with the Word of God since 1983.

I have a unique background and training that can relate to a broad diversity of individuals. My desire is to share God's Word verbally and in written form with others.

Welcome to Beyond the Pulpit Literature Ministry

...A not-for-profit missionary service since 1983 founded by Dr. Gary M. Gulan

"Beyond the Pulpit" is designed, not to replace the pulpit, but as a missionary service, to further explain, enhance, and extend the Word of God that is preached in the pulpit, in written and electronic forms, across the street, across the city, across the state, across the nation and across the world.

Having been behind the pulpit regularly preaching and teaching since 1978, I am aware of how important it is for people to have printed information in their hands beyond the verbal message of the pulpit in order to study further and to share with others in their ministries.

This web site contains 112 categories with over 1200 pieces of literature under the word "articles" on the left-hand side.

The writing style of many of these articles is often concise, meaty overviews, filled with outlines, and filled with core details, thus some of them do not have transitions or flow smoothly in form like a magazine article. They are designed to get to the point and give the kernel of truth, however, in doing so, they may leave some unanswered questions or raise some questions. This should hopefully encourage you to further study. Or you may contact me for more information.

I would invite you to read my "personal salvation testimony" under the phrase "about Gary Gulan" on the left-hand side and another version of my personal testimony "the bear story" under the category "short stories."

Please let me know how much you appreciate this ministry, how you used it, and where you are located. Use the ministry of "Beyond the Pulpit" as often as you are able and tell others about it. Please support it financially when you can!

The written word is very important to the Spiritual life of the church.

During the New Testament times, letters or epistles were circulated among the churches giving Christians information and instruction, (Jn. 5:47; 2 Pt. 3:15; 1 Thess. 4:9; 5:1; 2 Thess. 2:2). No writing today is on the same level as the writings of the New Testament, because these writings are the inspired Word of God, (2 Pt. 1:16-21). However, the writings of Beyond The Pulpit Christian Literature Ministry both expound and defend the inspired writings found in God's Word.

The Arian and Sabellian heresies of the fourth century were refuted and labeled as heresy at the Council of Constantinople in 381AD. From that time, at least twelve different creeds were written and promulgated expressing various kinds of Arianism. It was the theological writings of Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzu, and Gregory of Nyssa, known as the Cappadocian fathers, that clarified, defined, and defended the biblical truth about the Trinity against the uprising of these heresies. (The Story of Christian Theology, Roger Olson, Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press, 1999, Pp. 173-175)

John Wycliffe (1329-1384) during the last seven or eight years of his life wrote against heretical teachings of his day and distributed literature in the people's language from village to village along with preaching. (Understanding Christian Theology, Charles Swindoll and Roy Zuck, Nashville: Nelson, 2003, Pp. 1106-1107)

Martin Luther launched the Reformation, when on All Saints' Day in 1517 he posted the famous Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg addressing biblical problems of repentance in his day. (Systematic Theology, Robert Duncan Culver, Great Britain: Mentor, 2005, p. 706)

After the Reformation, "Baptists" were prolific writers defending the truth. Leon McBeth writes, "Alarmed at the rapid growth of Baptists during the 1640's, opponents complained, somewhat indelicately, that every day in England 'the presses sweat and groan' with new Baptist books and pamphlets; that every day, the presses 'vomit forth new streams of filth' written by Baptists. While these metaphors were perhaps overly vivid, their facts were accurate. Hundreds of sermons, booklets, pamphlets, debates, and lengthy books and treatises proclaimed, advanced, defended, and explained the Baptist faith." (The Baptist Heritage, by H. Leon McBeth, Nashville: Broadman Press, 1987, p. 66)

Benjamin Rush, one of the youngest signers of the Declaration of Independence, wrote a pamphlet entitled, A Defense of the Bible in Schools, in the late 1790's which was distributed around the country. His influence ultimately led to the founding of the American Tract Society in 1825.

I have this same burden of defending, teaching, and spreading God's Word in written form. It is in this spirit of writing literature, that "Beyond The Pulpit" Christian Literature Ministry exists.

Today, with the costs of Christian literature and the poor content of much of what is called Christian literature, a Christian literature ministry is needed. The good Christian books published today only have an average life of two years and on the average only 2,000 to 3,000 copies are printed. ("A New Commitment," Psychoheresy Awareness Letter, November-December, 2005, p. 6). This fact of limited access to good Christian literature reveals a Christian literature ministry is needed. With the low salaries of missionaries and pastors, a Christian literature ministry is needed.

A ministry like "Beyond The Pulpit" Christian Literature Ministry, summarizes and synthesizes a large amount of good Christian literature into small readable portions. This makes the availability, accessibility, and costs much more reasonable for the average Christian, and also for the missionary on the foreign field, not to mention the poorly paid pastor of a smaller church. This is why I need your prayer support, your financial support and your encouragement in this ministry.